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Absolutely brilliant! My three week old has oral thrush and seems to enjoy screaming a lot at the moment. I just put him in the wilkinet on the off chance and it has put him straight to sleep! Thank you so much :D .
Tiffany on Facebook

I bought a Wilkinet for my eldest child - 28 this year.  I saw an ad or review in the NCT magazine that answered issues I'd been struggling with when using other slings.  I  used the Wilkinet with all 5 of my children, as the main 'transport' in their first year.

I now have a grandson and it was a delight to carry him in the same sling as his mum had snuggled in, and to watch my daughter using it too.  That was 6 years ago.

I meant to write to say a huge thank you and send some photos of the 2 generations of use, but never got round to it.  I saw my Wilkinet this morning, tired but perfectly serviceable, and it prompted me to send you this.

My Wilkinet evokes more beautiful baby memories for me than anything, other than baby photos.  Thank you
Jane, via email

I bought my sling in 1993 for my screaming baby.  He loved it and slept more than his standard 4 hours in 24.  I wore it non-stop for the next few months rather than use a pram.  I have neck and lower back problems but I never had any problems with using the Wilkinet.  My next son used it 4 years later and then a friend used it for her 3 children.  I have no idea where it ended up but I am sure it made a lot of Mums and babies happy.
Maria, by email

Been a few years since i used one of these! but loved it, so comfortable. Used it for all three of my kids, still miss it!
Alice on Facebook

We have used them since the original launch so many years ago and we have not discovered anything that comes even close.
Reg on Facebook

We love the Wilkinet, hubby uses it all the time, he even prefers it to a stroller, makes him look like a very proud Dad, have used one for both children... ingenious!
Yvonne on Facebook

...my second daughter, Madeline... finds the Wilkinet so comfortable that she falls asleep in it all the time. When I had my first daughter 2 1/2 years ago, I purchased another make of sling but I did not find it at all comfortable to wear once she got past the newborn stage. It made my back and shoulders ache after a short while and in fact it only lasted a few months before the stitching on the straps started to unravel and the fastening clips came off...

I have never found the Wilkinet uncomfortable to wear, whichever way I am carrying Madeline. It is so comfortable the way it wraps around your body and the baby's weight doesn't pull or drag down on your shoulders. I have even carried Karoline, my 2 1/2 year old on my back around the back garden in it as a treat... Karoline weighs 11 kilograms but even with her weight in it was still very comfortable.

I also feel much safer using it because there are no fastening clips to become unstitched and fall off it and it is so well made.

I would definitely recommend to anyone else who is looking for a comfortable, secure sling for their baby.

Thanks and regards from

Julie, Karoline and Madeline

My second child (1 1/2years old) has almost grown out of the Wilkinet. I have used and washed our two hand me down slings (that were 10 years old when they came to us!) again and again. I would echo all the positive comments that I have read on the site and would say again - a huge thankyou!

I'm just about lend the slings out to a first time mum (so have downloaded the fab instructions) and they're still going strong with no holes or loose stitching - a really solid, well made and effective product.

Lucy Bolster, received by email

I love my Wilkinet! Godsend in first few weeks when she couldn't be put down, took her to California at 4 months, spent holiday facing out from Wilkinet & loved it! Didn't think I would be able to use it for months as I had c-section & had bad back. Didn't trouble my tummy or back at all, was using it by time daughter was about 7 weeks old.

Looking forward to using it with her on my back!


Amy Holt

The baby carrier has been so successful with my second daughter, Katherine, now 10 months. For the last few months I have been putting her on my back [after a phone call with you].

It has been SO successful. She begins most of her day time sleeps there and I transfer her to the cot sometimes, depending on what I need to do and how she is. I also use it when she is scratchy (at home or out), when we go on walks and when we go shopping. Katherine will play with my hair and 9 times out of 10 is so happy being there.

This has been such a brilliant discovery for me as it gives me much more freedom. My husband has also mastered carrying her this way.

I had to contact you and send you a picture of my 7 month old indie in her sling! She absolutely loves it, and it is a godsend for getting the house work done as she is a very clingy baby, but very content in her sling! Also trips to the shop are much more fun for her, as she enjoys interacting with people so much more than when she is in her buggy. Thankyou for designing this wonderful sling!

Yours gratefully

Anna Pearce :)

I bought the Wilkinet carrier on the recommendation of a friend who had two kids. The Wilkinet was designed by a woman in the early 1980s, and it's renowned for being supportive on your back.

It's a versatile carrier, the newborn can be snuggled up against your body, the three-month plus baby can face outwards. And the heavier or older baby can be worn on your hip, or back.

The straps are padded and the tie-up system means there's no buckles, buttons or zips to deal with. My hubby thought the long straps were annoying to do up, particularly on his own, but I didn't mind them at all.

Kay reviewed on www.handbag.com.

... my husband and I think the Wilkinet is fantastic! My son has been carried in it since he was 3 days old around the house and beyond (he was born at home). i have never enjoyed housework so much! I believe it has maintained his rightful belief that he is where he should be - the physical and emotional centre of his parents! Everybody comments on what a happy baby he is and we believe it is at least partly because we have held him so much which has been made so much easier by the Wilkinet... none of those molded buckled carriers for us!... we are 100% delighted! Thank you!

...having read some reviews on your site, I wanted to add that having had a very large & heavy baby by emergency c-section your Wilkinet was by far the most comfortable way of carrying Thomas around. It was a complete relief when I tried it out, expecting my tummy to hurt & found I was able to move & have him close more easily than carrying him in my arms. We used it constantly until he was over 20lbs, now its more occasionally used as a back carrier as he's 30lbs, but me & his daddy both love using it.

K.Darnton (received by e-mail)

I have been (given) a Wilkinet by a friend. Little did I know that I'd been given the best product to carry Delilah around in. I rarely bother with the pushchair as the wilkinet is so comfortable and convenient to use. Also Madam much prefers to ride high! Now that she is facing outwards she loves it and squawks with excitement while I'm putting her in it - usually facing the mirror so I can see her happy reaction. We have people stopping us in the streets of Edinburgh asking what sort of sling it is and we end up having all sorts of chat. That never happens with the pram!

Katherine Scott (received by e-mail)

I bought a Wilkinet 4 years ago for my first daughter and have lent it out several times since. I am expecting my second child in 5 days time and have torn the house apart looking for the tying instructions in order to refresh my memory! Unfortunately I think they have been lost. Would be most grateful to receive a new set. Also would like to say that the Wilkinet is by far the most comfortable sling I have used (and I tried out several as I carried my daughter almost non stop during her first 8 months and frequently to the end of her toddlerhood!)

Sarah Garner

I just wanted to let you know that I ordered a carrier on Monday and to my delight it arrived Tuesday morning. Having watched the instructional video I was able to immediately put it on without any problem and went out for the day, and for the first time was able to carry our new baby all day without any pain in my back!

Thank you so much for getting this to me so quickly, and most importantly for the fabulous carrier! In the month since our son was born I tried three other carriers, and found that they all hurt my (and my partner's) back. It's wonderful to be able to carry our baby without having to worry, and know that I'll be able to continue this for months!


Kristina Leonnet

"...I am writing to express my gratitude for your superbly designed Wilkinet...I am currently using it with my fourth child...and am once again bewildered as to how on earth anybody manages without one. Nula lives in the Wilkinet, as did the others before her. It is far and away the best baby carrier available. If every mother had a Wilkinet there would be less frustration, loss of identity, and dare I say it - postnatal depression because it totally lets you get on with your life with the baby! I haven’t seen any other baby carrier in which you can wash up, garden, mop the floor, hill walk, dance and generally exist with both mother and baby in true comfort....

I recommend the Wilkinet to absolutely everyone.

It’s more essential than babybaths/layettes/prams... its uses are beyond material.

I’ll be keeping mine for my grandchildren..."

Rosie Allen, Dumfriesshire

"I bought a sling from you 7 years ago and used it for my 3 children ...in between my friend used it for her baby ...today I gave it to another friend and later on I will use it in the side position with my last daughter. It is in excellent condition, looks almost like new despite hundreds of washes. I'd like to thank you for inventing it!"

Orith Bligh

"Dear Heroine of many mothers, I have used a Wilkinet for my two most recent children, with wonderful results. Your wonderful creation has soothed both me and my babies. Allowed me to shop, cook, garden and get all manner of jobs done. To be able to keep my babies close to me, where they are comforted and reassured of my love is truly a godsend."

Mrs Louise Howe, Essex

"I have turned to your site today because I want to buy one of your carriers for a pregnant friend, in the same way as I have done for other friends of mine. I think it's the best present I could give a new mother. I have two children - my first (who was born nearly nine years ago) cried almost non-stop for the first four months of his life. He was more cheerful if I carried him around and usually shut up if he had a nipple in his mouth. Meantime my husband suffered with the post-natal depression and I was virtually at the end of my tether. I was fortunate enough to have the most wonderful health visitor who took sympathy on me, made me tea while the baby cried and, among other things, recommended your baby carrier. I'd been given a standard shop-bought one, but that held my son very low against me, hurt my back and generally did nothing for my health and temper. My Wilkinet carrier, on the other hand, enabled me to get on with my life - not only was I able to move around the house, but I worked out a way of tying it so that I could "plug my son in" and make myself a cup of tea at the same time. Four years later I enjoyed carrying and feeding my second son in it. I won't be having any more children and have passed on virtually all the baby things I accumulated. I haven't passed on the baby carrier - I got so much pleasure out of carrying a child around in it that I'm hoping one day my children will present me a grandchild I can carry in it!"

Sally Newman Comments received via email.

"Last Wednesday I ordered a WILKINET Baby Carrier by telephone and received it by first post on Friday morning. My 7-week old baby daughter Imogen was soundly asleep in it by about 10.30 a.m. that morning, and I actually managed to do all my chores with her happy and held close to me. I can iron in it, I can wash-up in it, I can shop in it - I can’t believe it! I really am absolutely delighted with the carrier, and with the very prompt and efficient service and delivery. I’m so enthusiastic about the new possibilities afforded to me now, that I am just recommending it to all my friends! The other baby slings I had tried had been disappointing to say the least. I found them insubstantial, poorly made and difficult to use in comparison, and they didn’t feel secure. The WILKINET is, to the others what a good quality framed rucksack is to a plastic carrier bag!!! The design is brilliant; as a designer myself (in graphics) I just wish all my design problems could be solved so efficiently! Many thanks."

A. Meadowcroft-Wright, Northumberland.

"Heard about WILKINET from neighbour -borrowed hers to test - brilliant! Easy to use and baby loves it."

F. Campbell, Surrey.

"This is just to let you know that I, and baby Joanna, find the WILKINET absolutely marvellous, and I cannot imagine how any mother could possibly manage without one! It is so snug and comfortable, incredibly well designed, and provides mother and baby with a lovely sense of security and closeness. Joanna finds it carries her in a great position for bringing up the burps too!"

S. McAleer, Perthshire

"... after having it for my 3 previous children I can’t imagine life without it for my 4th. It is the only carrier I have seen that holds the baby and supports it so well, that you can get on without having to support the whole thing with one hand and do a job with the other!"

Mrs. P. O’Donnell, Kent.

"What can I say but a big "Thank You". It is just right for Rikki, the head support for him does the job and his body is kept firmly in place (in a straight line). The Physio said it was suitable for Rikki, I have used it many times and can’t believe how much easier it is to have two hands free, which is great because I also have a three-and-a-half year old ... Rikki loves it. He is so happy in it. Thanks again!"

Mrs. D. Toombs, Bedfordshire.

"I am just about to lend my trusty WILKINET Baby Carrier to the third person to use it after myself ... I hardly need to say that I, and my friends subsequently, found the WILKINET an essential tool which was used daily round about that "grumpy" time of day when you are trying desperately to cook the evening meal and a young baby will not settle unless cuddled! A deepfelt 'thank-you.' "

B. Smith, Surrey.

"Thank you ... Our four-and-a-half month old daughter has been carried in it every day of her life so far. She has not been in a pram at all. She loves (it) ... and we are sure it has brought great benefits for both her and us ... we have recommended it highly."

D. Haslam, Cheshire.

"...very pleased with your promptness in dealing with my... order. My baby is due in 4 weeks and I am looking forward to using my Wilkinet having practised already with various cushions and teddies and found it much more straightforward to use than some reviews in magazines will have you believe! Thanks again."


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