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Rated as the best Baby Carrier by Supernanny, Practical Parenting, Baby's Best Buys and Babyworld. 

Reviews of the Wilkinet in the baby press

MadeforMums (4 out of 5)

"This is the best carrier in terms of pulling your baby snugly to you, so you don’t feel his weight tugging away and making you uncomfortable...

...It’s hard to beat this for infinite adjustability. The Wilkinet is something of a design classic and it really isn’t as hard as you think to use. Fitted correctly, both you and your baby will be comfortable, and this gives a more ‘cuddly’ feel than most. It’s a great price for a carrier that can last one baby so long, and are good enough quality to pass on many times over."
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 BabyBjorn Original




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 Cybex i.go




*Prices correct, 29/01/2010 - Sources: Kiddicare/Mothercare

AskMum - The Big Thumbs Up!
"Their clever wraparound method of tying also means that their is less pressure on your shoulders, back and neck as your baby is pulled towards you rather than drawing away from you, so this makes it infinitely more comfortable for you too.

As an added bonus Wilkinet Carriers are built like 'traditional' wraparound slings with no clips, clasps, buckles or zips to break so its not only fantastically easy to put on, but it will also last the distance too!" Read full review.


Supernanny Tried & Tested (Awarded 5 out of 5)
Supernanny's review of the Wilkinet baby carrier gave us full marks - 5 out of 5

Reviewed by:
Rachel Walter (newborn boy) and Sandy Fazio (7 month old boy)

After a couple of weeks with the Wilkinet, Rachel is wondering what she’d do without it! “I’m able to get on with jobs whilst wearing it – it’s great for working at the computer! He tends to take his morning nap in the sling.”

“It seems to distribute the weight really easily, so it’s very comfortable to wear. I wore my 4kg newborn in it from three weeks, and I wasn’t at all worried about his head wobbling from side to side. It’s really comfortable and I felt like I could wear it for a long time. Style-wise it was pretty plain so it as good for me and my partner. I can’t think of anything that can be improved!”

Sandy Fazio agrees. “It takes a few goes to get used to how this sling ties but it’s a bit like tying your shoelaces – you won’t forget once you’ve got it! I suffer from lower back pain and the Wilkinet really eased the pressure when carrying him around. My baby also seems to like the sling and jiggles with anticipation when he’s going into it!”

To read the full review on the Supernanny website (compared to 4 other slings), click here

"Another old favourite. The Wilkinet is entirely made of cotton, allows the baby to be held in four different positions and is supremely comfortable for you and your little one. It takes a bit of practice to fasten the straps properly. Once mastered, mums-in-the-know claimed it was brilliant!" 

GoMamaToday (Recommended)
Gomamatoday.com recommends the Wilkinet baby carrier

Babyworld verdict: Definitely rated the most comfy and best for a newborn and young babies by our testers. Rated for the fact that its straps mean it is infinitely adjustable. Wilkinet claim 80% of its carriers are sold through word of mouth recommendation - a fact that pretty well speaks for itself.

Full review available at http://www.babyworld.co.uk/information/products/product_tests/baby_carriers2004/full.asp

BabyWorld.co.uk (Awarded 10/10)

"...completely adjustable ...easy to put on and feels very safe, even when you bend right over. It is comfortable, doesn't pull on the shoulders and has lots of padding for both baby and parent. A really good sling ...worth every penny"

Baby's Best Buys (Awarded Baby's Best Buy 10/10)
Baby's Best Buy gave Wilkinet highest marks - 10 out of 10

"This top of the range baby carrier distributes the weight of your baby evenly across your back avoiding putting pressure on your neck. That's why its recommended by osteopaths and physiotherapists."

Pregnancy and Birth.

This is an incredibly comfortable carrier - for both Mother and Baby ... easy to do up and remove and adjustable.

Practical Parenting (Awarded Best Buy)
Best Buy from Practical Parenting Magazine review of the Wilkinet baby carrier

"This carrier is brilliant! Tying the straps is easy and the carrier is versatile ... all options work well and are easy to do."

Mother & Baby (Awarded Star Buy)

"Our testers found (it) very comfortable, with lots of support even for very young babies who don’t droop down ... it was also comfy for carrying larger children worn as a back pack."

Parents (Awarded Star Buy)

"I felt very comfortable wearing this (the) weight felt even ... excellent support ... my baby was very happy - instant sleep!"

Our Baby (Best Buy)

"...brilliant! ...easy to tie ...versatile ...All options are easy to put on and Heidi was really well supported."

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