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The Wilkinet Baby Carrier adapts to the changing needs of you and your baby. It gently cocoons a tiny 2.5kg (5lbs) newborn yet is strong enough to carry chunky toddlers! You can use the Wilkinet to carry your baby facing in on the front, facing out on the front (usually not before 3 months/6½-7kg/13–14lbs) on the hip and on the back.

See FAQs for more details on when to carry your baby in different positions.

Some of the advantages of choosing the Wilkinet over other baby carriers and slings are:

  1. The Wilkinet holds your baby onto and against your upper body.
    Your baby’s weight is drawn towards you rather than pulling away from you

  2. The Wilkinet works like a wraparound shawl but without the parent being engulfed in wide bands of cloth.
    Buckle fastened carriers tend to ride up the parent’s back as the weight of the baby, which is suspended through leg-holes and hanging off parent’s shoulders, drags downwards. This causes pain across parent’s upper back and neck and can result in the parent instinctively using their arms to support baby’s weight to relieve the discomfort.
    See FAQs for more details of the wrap-around method.

  3. Wide well-padded shoulder straps and unique wraparound method of tying.
    Ensures evenly distributed weight with no dragging on your neck, shoulders or back.

  4. Cushioned head, back and leg support for your baby.
    In the early weeks when you carry your baby facing in on the front the Wilkinet will cuddle your new baby snugly and firmly, supporting under its bottom and thighs, and providing support for his/her back and head as if being held in your arms.

  5. No rings, zips, clips or buckles.
    Nothing to break and render your Wilkinet useless (one happy user reported using the wilkinet for herself, friends and family for 10 babies over 12 years!).
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Frequently Asked Questions

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